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Thank you for helping me support the Waltham YMCA. The funds raised through the Five to Thrive 5K road race support the Waltham YMCA's specialty health programs, like Livestrong for cancer patients, Enhance Fitness for seniors, and the Pink Program for breast cancer patients. The YMCA provides these programs at no cost to participants. Please help me get to my goal of $250. Looking for $10 donations to get me there. Do you have $10 to spare to help provide healthy living options to someone in need?

Benefiting Waltham YMCA

raised out of $500 goal

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Benefiting Waltham YMCA

raised out of $500 goal


$10.00 from Anonymous

$10.00 from Beth Feinberg Keenan

$1,000.00 from Donna Kendall

$25.00 from Nivia Mogan

"Together we can make a difference."

$20.00 from Amy Dufour

$25.00 from Lauren Sullivan

$25.00 from Courtney Finn

$25.00 from Mario Silva-Rosa

"Best of luck to the Waltham YMCA"

$25.00 from Tom Savageau

$25.00 from Sue Mann

$10.00 from Kyle Wilson

$10.00 from Sara Rathbun

$100.00 from Petrillo Jeanne

"You go girl!"

$20.00 from Maryann hart

$25.00 from Donna Kendall