Support Chrissy to raise money for the Burbank Y!


On Friday, Oct. 8th long time Reading resident & friend of the Burbank YMCA Chrissy Cerretani will embark on a local 26.2 mile run to help raise money for our Pink and Enhance Fitness Programs at the Y as a kick-off to the Laurel Kluge 5K. Chrissy will attempt to achieve her 4th Boston Marathon Medal in a row as she runs the Boston Marathon. The Burbank YMCA is honored to have Chrissy choose us as the recipient of this year! Every dollar raised will go toward these important programs to ensure that they remain free of charge! Stop by on Oct. 8th at 9:00 AM to cheer Chrissy on. She expects to finish around the 4 hour mark - so join us at 12:30 for the finish!

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Benefiting Burbank YMCA Laurel Kluge 5K

raised out of $2,000 goal

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Benefiting Burbank YMCA Laurel Kluge 5K

raised out of $2,000 goal


$575.00 from Anonymous

"Faith Love Triple Duece"

$50.00 from Melissa Dixon

"So proud of you ❤️"

$25.00 from Scott Collins

"Be the ball"

$100.00 from Susan and Walter May

"So proud of you! Love, Auntie Sue and Uncle Walter"

$100.00 from Brian and Kate O'Donnell

"Run Chrissy Run!"

$150.00 from Sue Sullivan

"You are so AMAZING - Starfish Strong! #L_G!!"

$100.00 from Chrissy Cerretani

"Thank you all for your generous support! I am so incredibly honored to support our Reading YMCA and the amazing Pink & Enhance Fitness Programs!"

$75.00 from Jamie Cerretani

"So Proud of You!! Love U. J"

$100.00 from John Vieno

"Go Chrissy!!!!!"

$100.00 from Heidi & Steve Knepper

"Go Chrissy Go!"

$125.00 from James Fitzgerald

"God Bless You Chrissy!"

$500.00 from John Feudo - on behalf of FeudoFunkFest