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Laurel Kluge was a loving wife, mother, sister and friend, who dedicated her time to philanthropy and volunteerism in our community. When Laurel was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 39, she poured herself into being an enthusiastic and dedicated supporter of the Burbank Y. She could frequently be found challenging herself with workouts in the fitness center and was mentally and physically strong. The “LK5K” keeps Laurel’s fighting spirit and love for her community alive. Sadly she was unable to see her work come to fruition. She lost her battle with breast cancer in September 2006 at the age of 49. We are proud to keep Laurel's memory alive in the Reading Community.

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Benefiting Burbank YMCA Laurel Kluge 5K

raised out of $2,000 goal

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Benefiting Burbank YMCA Laurel Kluge 5K

raised out of $2,000 goal


$50.00 from Harry and Noreen Roberson

"Best Wishes for a successful event"

$20.00 from Jane White

"Love you Carl!"

$25.00 from Alyssa Grumoli


$50.00 from Brendan Hill

$25.00 from Emily Farrell

$50.00 from Ortiz Quinones Marisol

$100.00 from Elizabeth Lucey-Lenahan

$50.00 from Courtney Chedid

"We love you Charlie!!!! Love Coco & Nick"

$20.00 from Christine Carroll

$100.00 from Conor Shea

$100.00 from Josh and Sam Londergan

$25.00 from Nici Perreault

"Love you Car!!"

$25.00 from Anonymous

$25.00 from Lori flynn

"Hoping to do the walk with you next year!!"

$100.00 from Peter Kluge

$10.00 from Olivia Gagan

"Sad to not be able to make the Laurel Kluge 5k. Love you Uncle Phil, Bean and Andrew ❤️"

$100.00 from Kelly & David

$25.00 from Nikki Clover

$100.00 from Erica & Jeff

$50.00 from Lauren DesLauriers

$50.00 from Jess Mirisola

$100.00 from Joseph

"Love from Joe and Drizz"

$25.00 from Gillian Walsh